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Window Tinting

Auto Trim DESIGN's high-performance window films give vehicles style that cannot be duplicated any other way. It's a look that says many things to many people. Clean and classic. Sophisticated and sharp. Available in a range of shades, you choose the look.

In the long run, putting Auto Trim DESIGN window film on your vehicle is like putting money in your pocket because it reduces the fading of seats, carpets and floor mats; it prolongs the life of all rubber, wood, vinyl and leather inside your vehicle; and it also helps protect your dashboard, cellular phone, audio equipment and speakers.

Our Midnight series of dyed films are economical and warranted for Five (5) years. The Perform X Slate line that we offer is both dyed and metallized and offers a Lifetime warranty against adhesive failure, delamination, cracking & peeling. Lastly, our Endurance line of films are double metallized and offers a Lifetime warranty, not only against against adhesive failure, delamination, cracking & peeling, but also fading.

You'll look great with our tint. Check it out!

Clearly, the World's Best Window Film!