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Custom Graphics

Stylish. Auto Trim DESIGN is known in the area for the widest selection of body side graphics that can "dress up" your vehicle. With over 20 years of experience in the automotive restyling industry, we prove to be the best in what we do.

Award Winning. Our design team works hard in creating fresh graphics for all types of vehicles. In fact, our custom graphics have been used worldwide, featured in various trade magazines and have achieved numerous design awards, year after year.

For a taste of graphics available for purchase, click here.

Window Tinting

Auto Trim DESIGN's high-performance window films give vehicles style that cannot be duplicated any other way. It's a look that says many things to many people. Clean and classic. Sophisticated and sharp. Available in a range of shades, you choose the look.

In the long run, putting Auto Trim DESIGN window film on your vehicle is like putting money in your pocket because it reduces the fading of seats, carpets and floor mats; it prolongs the life of all rubber, wood, vinyl and leather inside your vehicle; and it also helps protect your dashboard, cellular phone, audio equipment and speakers.

Our Midnight series of dyed films are economical and warranted for Five (5) years. The Perform X Slate line that we offer is both dyed and metallized and offers a Lifetime warranty against adhesive failure, delamination, cracking & peeling. Lastly, our Endurance line of films are double metallized and offers a Lifetime warranty, not only against against adhesive failure, delamination, cracking & peeling, but also fading.

You'll look great with our tint. Check it out!

InvisiGARD Paint Protection System

InvisiGARD is the latest, most advanced development in protection for automotive paint finishes. The nearly undetectable protective film used is your best defense against the everyday road hazards that can damage or destroy your vehicle's painted surfaces.

The Advantage is Clear.

With our InvisiGARD paint protection system, the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle have an extra measure of protection from:

Insect Stains & Abrasions

Scratches & Nicks

Small Road Debris Damage

Winter Road Salt & Sand

Gold Plating

The charm of Gold. Provide a flair of style and elegance to your vehicle with 24 kt. Gold Plating from Auto Trim DESIGN. Items that can be enhanced with our durable gold plating include chrome emblems, grilles, hood ornaments, antenna bezels, door handles, and more.

You can rest assured that the classy look of our deep 24 kt. Gold packages are backed by our "No Hassle" 3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty and will look great for years to come.

Dash Kits

Looking for a little something extra to spice up the interior of your vehicle? We have what your looking for. Our wide selection of dash kits can help add a warm and sophisticated look to the interior of just about any car or truck.

With over fifteen wood, synthetic wood and carbon fiber finishes to choose from, we are certain you won’t find a better selection of interior dash kits on the market.


Chrome Kits

Flashy.  Auto Trim DESIGN can add classic good looks to your vehicle with our Chrome Trim Kits. These high-quality trim pieces are a simple, inexpensive upgrade which can greatly enhance the look of most any truck, van, SUV or car. Designed to exacting specs to fit a wide range of vehicles, this trim installs easily and works beautifully!

Rocker Panel Trim-Fender Trim-Door Edge Molding

See what's available for your vehicle!



You deserve to be spoiled! Go ahead, get the looks with a racy spoiler installed by our professional team. Available in a wide range of styles and custom colors to match your vehicle and your style.  We offer only the best quality hottest looking parts you deserve.

Come on in and let us spoil you!


Enjoy the exhilaration of being sunswept  through your new expertly installed sunroof. A sunroof not only gives you increased light, it also gives you better ventilation and adds value to your vehicle. We have the sunroof that gives you the ideal fit, finish and features to match your vehicle, budget as well as your taste.  Your newly installed sunroof will revive your spirit.


Protect your investment with sleek and stylish body side moldings. Moldings  not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle but are functional as well.  Rugged and durable side molding will stand up to the abuse so you can have confidence in leaving your beauty to fend for itself.


Who Needs a Sign?

A sign is necessary to the success of a business. Many industries can attribute a large percentage of business to their signs. A visible, readable sign can make the difference between profit and loss for many businesses.

We are here to help.

Auto Trim DESIGN offers a wide array of sign choices and services. Aided by years of experience and the latest in computer technology, we can design, produce and install the signs that are perfect for your business.