Two Color Rally Stripe Graphic Kit 1 for Ford Mustang -  Installation Notes


While our precut kits appear to be "simple" to install, application techniques used in certain areas of the kit prove to make the project go smoother. Please review the notes below that we've compiled to assist in the installation.
By all means, if you do not feel comfortable with the thought of installing the stripes yourself, we suggest contacting a local graphics installer and/or automotive body shop in your area to assist.
In the event a new piece is required, simply let us know the part number (ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH12a) proceeded by the letter designation of the piece required (i.e., ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH12a-h). We'll provide a cost for the piece and make arrangements to send one out upon receipt of payment.
While Installation Notes below are for the Mustang V6 graphics kit (ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH12a), much of the same information also applies to the Mustang GT kit (ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH12b).


1)  Please review the general Custom Graphics Installation Instructions to become familiar with the preparation of the finished surfaces and methods of installation.
2)  Cut the graphics apart from the kit sheet. Carefully cut each piece so that approximately 1/8" (.64cm) of the excess backing and application paper is exposed.
3)  The stripe kit is set for a 1" (25.40mm) space between the center stripe and the two (2) outer stripes. Thus, mark with a grease pencil, fine line tape or other temporary marking device where the stripes are to be placed. You will use these marks to place your stripes.
Prior to installing the center Hood stripe, carefully remove the Washer Nozzles for easier installation.
4)  Most of the stripes, with the exception of pieces "d" & "g", are pretty straight-forward as far as installation goes. All the stripes have an approximate .0625"-.125" (1.5875mm-3.175mm) margin at each end. So, simply center the stripes in the area and install. We usually install from the center of the stripe and work to each end with the squeegee. This is done by simply peeling approximately 2-4" (5.08cm-10.16cm) of the backing paper from the center, folding each side of the backing paper slightly, and "hinging" the graphic from the center.
5)  Suggested order of installation for the center stripe is as shown in Blue numbers. Due to the fact that an overlap (approximate .125" [3.175mm]) is desired for pieces that require a splice, following the order of installation is critical. Side stripes can be placed at 1" (25.40mm) spacing from the center stripe in any order.
6)  Piece "a" has relief cuts that will allow easier installation due to the area's compound curves. Piece "i" should overlap at the bottom approximately .125" (3.175mm).

Center Stripe piece "g" - Rear Lid
Piece "g" can easily be installed into the concave area of the rear lid by closely following the directions noted herein.
The "center hinge" method is suggested for this piece. Carefully lining up the piece with the bottom edge of the lid and making sure the piece is centered on the rear emblem will ensure that the opening for the third brake light will line up correctly.
Work from the center of the emblem up into the lid's concave area. Firm pressure from your fingers is best when working the piece into the roll.
Once over the edge, this piece should "snap" over into place for further squeegeeing. As noted above, if positioned correctly, cutout for third brake light should line up well. If cutout is slightly off, careful trimming of the brake light area may be necessary.
Finish installation of this piece by working the stripe down from the center of the emblem to the bottom edge of the lid.

Center Stripe piece "d" - Hood

Due to the contour of the Hood's front area, piece "d" will require slight "stretching" at the beginning 16"-20" (406-508mm). You will need the assistance of another person at this stage of the installation.
Firm pressure of the squeegee will help keep the air bubbles and creases out.
When you get to within 16"-20" (406-508mm) of the front edge of the hood, you'll notice difficulty in continuing without creases. The vinyl will need to be stretched into place from this point forward.
With the help of another individual, carefully squeegee the remaining portion of stripe while slightly stretching it forward. Covering your squeegee with a soft cotton cloth will help keep the small scratches down. If small scratches occur, these can be removed with polishes/waxes made specifically for swirl and/or scratch removal.

Take care not to stretch the vinyl film too much. Some colors may actually discolor in areas of over-stretching.

You'll notice that about 1/3 of the stripe is wider at the front of the hood area. The stripe is manufactured this way so that it can be trimmed to fit once the front is stretched into place. Moreover, after the film is stretched over the front edge, you can trim the end to match the adjacent 2" (50.80mm) stripe lengths.


Trimming stripes on painted surfaces requires a light touch. If you see motor oil seeping out through the paint, you know you've cut too deep. A good rule of thumb for trimming our 2 mil vinyl material is to let the weight of the knife drag over the vinyl. Rather than putting pressure on the knife, which can result in cutting into the paint, a new sharp blade and the weight of the knife will generally be enough to pierce the film, which usually is enough to remove the excess vinyl.
When installation of the Hood stripes is complete, simply cut an "X" in the Washer Nozzle holes located in the hood and re-install the Nozzles through the vinyl.
In the event a new piece is required, don't fret. While it's frustrating that a little piece of vinyl can give us so much grief, just remember that the worst case scenario is the you just have to purchase another one - it's certainly not the end of the world. We suggest swearing a bit and moving on.

Optional three (3) piece Factory Spoiler (ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH14) and "Trimmable" Spoiler (ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH46) kits are available for $25.95.

If your Mustang has a factory Hood Scoop, please review our Technical Bulletin for an important installation tip.


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Product Part Lists

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Two Color Rally Stripe Graphic Kit 1 for Ford Mustang - V6 Coupe - ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH12a
Two Color Rally Stripe Graphic Kit 1 for Ford Mustang - V6 Convertible - ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH193
Two Color Rally Stripe Graphic Kit 1 for Ford Mustang - GT Coupe - ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH12b
Two Color Rally Stripe Graphic Kit 1 for Ford Mustang - GT Convertible - ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH194
Two Color Rally Stripe Graphic Kit 1 for Ford Mustang - GT/CS Coupe - ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH56
Two Color Rally Stripe Graphic Kit 1 for Ford Mustang - GT/CS Convertible - ATD-FRDMSTNGGRPH195
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