Graphic and Decal Removal Instructions


With the right tools and product, removal of adhesive backed vinyl graphics can be an easy, clean and non-damaging project. We've put together a step-by-step illustrated outline that will assist in your efforts.


Illustrated Removal Procedures

Items you'll need will include a heat gun, adhesive remover and a plastic squeegee.

For an adhesive remover, we recommend our environmentally friendly Rapid Remover. It a is non-toxic, water-soluble solution that effectively breaks down and removes adhesives in sixty seconds as illustrated below.

Step 1

"Warm" the graphic/decal with a commercial grade heat gun (hair dryers generally are not strong enough to generate the heat required for proper removal).

Take care not to get the graphic/decal surface too hot. Doing so will release the adhesive from the graphic/decal thereby leaving residue on the vehicle. Moreover, excessive heat may damage the painted finish.

Step 2

Once an area of the graphic/decal is warmed, carefully start to peel from one end. DO NOT use sharp tools such as Razor Blades in an effort to scrape the graphics. You'll only ruin the finish surface.

Step 3

Spray a generous amount of adhesive remover on areas where a residue is present.

Step 4

After 30-60 seconds, use a hard plastic squeegee to scrape the adhesive residue.

Remember to work in an area that can be cleaned within 30-60 seconds. If the adhesive residue with remover is left on the surface too long, the residue gets gummy and is difficult to remove.

Once the adhesive residue appears to have been removed, spray the adhesive remover onto a paper towel and simply wipe the area clean. Follow up with a soap and water wash.
Graphics or decals that have been on for quite a while (more than five [5] years) may require a more aggressive approach. GraphXOff™ Vinyl, Adhesive and Paint Remover assists in removing stubborn aged vinyl materials and adhesive residue where other methods simply leave off.
Lastly, depending on the color of the vehicle, the area where the graphic/decal was may appear to be a different color than the surrounding areas. This is from direct exposure to the sun on uncovered areas and may be remedied with our Rod & Custom Show Gloss Creme product.


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