InvisiGARD® Headlight Pattern Tracing Instructions

We appreciate your assistance in creating a pattern for your vehicle's headlight and fog light system. With the comprehensive instructions that we provide you'll be able to trace the pattern with ease.

Items you'll need to trace the pattern include tracing paper and a pencil. You can use various types of paper for tracing the pattern, which can include gift wrapping paper, paper grocery bags or any other thin type of paper that you can easily draw on with pencil.

The pattern we're looking for will be drawn from the outermost edge of the light fixture. Generally speaking, light fixtures have a defined edge from which to trace as shown in the illustration. If the light fixture has a rounded edge, please trace the light from the top of the edge as this is the surface that the InvisiGARD® will adhere to.

Simply lay the tracing paper on top of the fixture and, if need be, shape the paper to the headlight and find the edges with your fingers. If the fixture has an irregular, convex surface, simply flatten the paper as much as possible thereby creasing the paper so that we can see how much of a shape there is to the headlight. Upon receipt of the pattern we will note the apparent creases and make the required adjustments to work with the shape of the fixture.

Once the paper is flattened and shaped, simply take the edge of the pencil and rub it on the outermost edge of the fixture.

A note about Light Fixture Shapes

Most Fog Light fixture shapes are simply circles or ovals. If this is the case, please provide the width and height and we'll take it from there.

Once the tracing is complete, fold the pattern carefully and insert it into a mailing envelope or tube and send it to the address as noted below.

Shipping Address
InvisiGARD® Headlight Pattern
Auto Trim DESIGN®
990 S, Lake Street
Neenah, WI  54956-3156

When sending your patterns, please include your shipping address, phone number and email address so that we can contact you with any questions we may have.


Simple As That!

Once we receive your pattern we will generate the outline(s) and place your order in the system. Prior to actually creating the Headlight Protection kit we'll provide pricing information. Payment in full is required to complete the manufacturing process of your kit.

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