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Why would I want InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection? Our customers choose InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection to keep their headlights crystal clear from bug acids, stone chips, scratches and worse-case - breakage.
Who uses InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection? Anyone who wants to protect their vehicle's lighting system. Users of our product also include race teams, show car owners, dealerships, lease vehicles owners, rental car companies, etc.
Why will Bug Acids not adhere to  InvisiGARD® like it etches into my vehicle's plastic headlights? Due to the chemical and molecular structure of our product, Bug Acids will not soak or etch into the urethane composition. To clean, simply spray the area with glass cleaner, let soak for a couple minutes, and wipe or scrub off. Any residue that may appear after cleaning should dissipate after a day or so in the sun.
Is the InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection permanent or can it be removed? InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection can be removed if desired.  We recommend using heat (i.e. heat gun) to assist in the removal.
Is InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection the same thickness as the InvisiGARD® Paint Protection film? Yes. InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection is approximately 8 mils thick.
Is InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection legal in the U.S.?  Yes. InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection has undergone rigorous DOT tests and passed.
My headlights are not very bright, will InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection dim them even more? No. Well, technically yes, but the naked eye can not detect the difference with them on.
Does InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection require any drilling for installation? No. InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection affixes via an industrial strength, pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Do I need a professional installer to install InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection? No. All you need to do is carefully follow the comprehensive instructions we include and if you have a question, simply ask us.
Does InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection have a warranty? Yes. The product carries a Limited LIFETIME Warranty from the date of purchase against any deterioration of the product as well as visual clarity.
Do you offer quantity discounts or the opportunity for a "Group Purchase" if we have a team/club? Yes. Simply explain your situation and we'll be happy to work with you!
I run a small performance shop and am interested in your product,  do you offer a wholesale program? Yes. Simply explain your situation and we'll be happy to work with you!
I show my car. Will people know if I have InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection on? Not unless you tell them and they feel your light’s edges.
How clear is InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection? Optically clear! You'll actually not know it is on unless someone tells you!
We run in a racing series that requires us to run stock lights on the vehicle. Will InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection work for racing? Yes. It won’t take away the appearance of the vehicle, unlike taping up the light lenses.
Does InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection come in a tinted/darkened application? No. Tinted/smoked lenses are not legal for Street use. If you look closely on the package of most tinted/smoked lenses, it should note that they are “For Off-road or Show Use Only”.
My lights run hot. Will InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection hold in the heat and cause damage to my lights? No. The amount of light that's broken up by the covers is so small that it's not detectable by the naked eye, meaning that InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection virtually allows all light to pass as well as the heat that comes with it.
I modified the lighting system on my vehicle with another vehicle’s headlight system and kept the OEM fog lights. Can kits be mixed and matched? Yes. Please contact us for pricing.
Do I have any options if you do not carry InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection for my vehicle’s lights?
While it’s our endeavor to stay up-to-date with new vehicle headlight protection kits, there may be older vehicles that we currently do not have outlines for. We invite you to visit our website for a listing of kits in inventory.
If you do not see your vehicle listed, no problem. In an effort to increase our ever-expanding line of products, we’ll be happy to create the kit for you. We need your help though. If you would be willing to assist us in providing outlines of your existing Headlight and associated light fixtures, it is our desire to provide a discount of 40% of what our Suggested Retail price for the new item would be.
Simply follow the link below for information on our Headlight Pattern Tracing program.

InvisiGARD® Headlight Pattern Tracing Instructions

My vehicle has headlight wipers.  Will InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection work for me? Yes. The only thing that happens with headlight wipers is some of the chemicals from the wiper blades will release on the InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection where they sit, which may leave a black line. You will not see the line unless the wipers are in motion.
The instructions recommend a plastic squeegee for installation. Do you have these available? Yes. One (1) squeegee is included with your kit. We also have them available for purchase.

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InvisiGARD® Headlight Protection Technical Data

As always, if you have any questions feel free to e-mail us. We're here to serve.   Thanks!
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