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Why would I want InvisiGARD Paint Protection? Discerning customers choose InvisiGARD Paint Protection to keep their vehicle’s paint and plastic surfaces clear of bug acids, stone chips, scratches and worse-case - repainting.
Why would I choose InvisiGARD Paint Protection vs. a leather/simulated leather bra for my vehicle? InvisiGARD Paint Protection will not trap excess heat and water underneath it. Aftermarket bras have a tendency to trap road grime, salt, dirt and water, which can all ruin the paint underneath. Moreover leather/fabric bras do not let the sun through which may cause the vehicle’s paint to unevenly fade. Lastly, InvisiGARD Paint Protection will not change the appearance of the vehicle – it’s hard to see even from several feet away.
Why will Bug Acids not adhere to  InvisiGARD like it etches into my vehicle's paint? Due to the chemical and molecular structure of our product, Bug Acids will not soak or etch into the urethane composition. To clean, simply spray the area with glass cleaner, let soak for a couple minutes, and wipe or scrub off. Any residue that may appear after cleaning will dissipate after a day or so in the sun.
Who uses InvisiGARD Paint Protection? Anyone who wants to protect their vehicle’s paint and plastics as well as race teams, show cars, motorcycles, dealerships, lease vehicles, rental cars, etc.
Is InvisiGARD Paint Protection permanent? Can it be removed in the future? InvisiGARD Paint Protection can be removed in the future if desired. We recommend using heat (i.e. hair dryer) to assist in the removal.
If I remove InvisiGARD Paint Protection, will it remove my paint with it? InvisiGARD Paint Protection, like any vinyl, should not take factory paint with it during removal.
Is InvisiGARD Paint Protection the same thickness as the InvisiGARD Headlight Protection film? No. InvisiGARD Paint Protection is approximately 8 mils thick whereas InvisiGARD Headlight Protection is approximately 15 mils thick. When shopping around make sure you watch these thicknesses!
Do I need to cut InvisiGARD Paint Protection to fit my vehicle? No. We provide InvisiGARD Paint Protection pre-cut for your vehicle. You may however trim areas as you feel fit.
Does InvisiGARD Paint Protection require any drilling for installation? No. InvisiGARD Paint Protection affixes via an industrial strength adhesive.
Do I need a professional installer to install InvisiGARD Paint Protection? While “easy-to-follow” instructions are provided, you may choose to a have the kit professionally installed. If you require an installer simply ask us and we’ll do our best to assist you in finding one.
Does InvisiGARD Paint Protection have any warranty? Yes. The product carries a Limited LIFETIME Warranty from the date of purchase against any deterioration of the product as well as visual clarity.
Do you offer quantity discounts or the opportunity for a "Group Purchase" if we have a team/club? Yes. Simply explain your situation and we'll be happy to work with you!
I run a small performance shop and am interested in your product,  do you offer a wholesale program? Yes. Simply explain your situation and we'll be happy to work with you!
How clear is InvisiGARD Paint Protection? The material is about 99.5% clear. On any color darker than stark white, you can't see the film. On a stark white car, you can see that .5% of color, but it still is "invisible" at a short distance. Moreover, our film, as opposed to others that may be on the market, has the highest and smoothest gloss available.
We rally race. Will InvisiGARD Paint Protection work for racing? Yes, and it won’t take away from the appearance of the car.
Will areas under the InvisiGARD Paint Protection be less sun faded than the areas not protected? No. The material does contain an inhibitor to prevent the vinyl from reacting to the sun's UV rays, but this does not prevent the UV rays from passing through the vinyl into your paint.
Will wax hurt my InvisiGARD Paint Protection? As far as waxes/polishes are concerned, please be advised that waxing/polishing over our InvisiGARD product will void manufacturer warranties. The only finish we allow for use is Rod & Custom Show Gloss Creme urethane finish sealant.
If I purchase InvisiGARD Paint Protection can I still use brushless, high pressure car washes? Yes. Treat your InvisiGARD Paint Protection as you would treat your paint.
Why do prices for the InvisiGARD Paint Protection kits vary from vehicle to vehicle? InvisiGARD Paint Protection is not priced by the cost of the vehicle, but by the amount of material it takes to cover each selected area.
Do I have any options if you do not carry InvisiGARD Paint Protection for my vehicle? Yes! While there are many kits already listed, we have many more that have not been released onto the shopping pages. Contact us and we'll work with you to provide the kit you need.
Is InvisiGARD Paint Protection a Dry or Wet installation? InvisiGARD Paint Protection is applied wet, similar to installing window tinting.

Can I peel the InvisiGARD Paint Protection back during installation if I get some air bubbles?

Yes. As long as it is wet during installation you can move it around as need be.
The instructions recommend a plastic squeegee for installation. Do you have these available? Yes. You will receive one (1) squeegee with your kit. We also have squeegees available for purchase. Just ask us.

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