Window Graphic Installation Instructions


The following are the application instructions recommended by Auto Trim DESIGN. These procedures must be followed prior to any consideration by Auto Trim DESIGN and/or it’s graphic manufacturers in regard to replacement or credit. Failure to follow instructions listed below may result in product failure and be considered non-warrantable. Please note that any horizontal application of product, such as a vehicle sunroof, is never warrantable.

Please consider the environment before you print these instructions.


Graphic Installation Instructions
Graphic Materials Information
Preparation & Cleaning Procedures
Installation Guidelines
Window Graphic Care


Graphic Materials Information
Storage and Rotation:
Stock rotation and climate-controlled storage are important. Age and temperature extremes degrade the adhesive and can dramatically reduce its effectiveness. Product should be used within the recommended storage life of two years. In addition, product should be stored in an environment between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
Temperature Recommendations:
The air temperature and glass surface must be between +40°F (+5°C) and +80°F (+27°C) for proper installation.  If outdoor temperatures are too cold or too hot, the vehicle should be brought indoors and given adequate time to acclimate to the recommended temperature range.  Avoid applying outside on windy days. Heating the vehicle's interior will help the adhesion process in cold weather.
Preparation & Cleaning Procedures
Clean the outside glass surface, thoroughly with an ammonia based glass-cleaning product. Surface must be completely dry and free of any dust, dirt, tar or residue for proper installation. The graphic’s adhesive system is designed to work properly on clean, dry glass surfaces.

If glass has been treated with a product such as Rain-X, use Bon-Ami Cleaning Powder or Soft Scrub cleaner to remove the glass treatment. Alcohol can also be used to remove any remaining contaminates as well as promote adhesion.

Installation Guidelines
Application Procedures:
  • The base material is vinyl. Because vinyl is a pressure-sensitive product, direct pressure to the product is very important. Please use your thumb or a soft, non-marring tool to apply pressure.

Illustrated Installation Procedures


Clean the surface with soap and water (DO NOT use a petroleum or lotion based cleaner). Rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth or towel.

If glass has been treated with a product such as Rain-X, use Bon-Ami Cleaning Powder or Soft Scrub cleaner to remove the glass treatment. Alcohol can also be used to remove any remaining contaminates as well as promote adhesion.

You'll find that a single edge razor will assist in removing any surface contaminants that may have built up on the glass surface over the years.


Position graphic panel as desired. Once the panel has been positioned, secure the panel with masking tape as shown.

Carefully cut the masking tape, leaving both pieces on the vehicle and the graphic. This will help align the panel during installation.

On a flat surface, carefully peel approximately 4-6" of the backing paper down the center.

Once the center has been exposed (take care not to allow dirt, etc. to settle on the exposed adhesive), fold the backing paper onto itself a couple of inches on each side as shown.

With the center adhesive exposed, align the tape pieces and lightly set the center onto the clean glass with your hand.

With the center of the panel set, slowly peel the backing paper while at the same time working the graphic onto the glass.

Be careful not to stretch the image.  This can create tension that may cause your graphic to shrink and its edges to curl. If a wrinkle occurs, gently lift up the image to the area where the wrinkle has occurred.  Smooth out the wrinkle with your hand, then continue applying.

With some rear windows, a sweeping motion works best due to the curvature of the glass surface.


When panel is successfully set into place, follow up with a firm squeegee stroke over the entire surface. This will help set the adhesive and will remove any soft wrinkles from installation.

A squeegee wrapped in paper towel works best.

Need an Application Squeegee? 'Click' Here

Another tip, if you do not have a squeegee, is to lay the disposable backing paper over the image and rub firmly from the center to the sides of the image.

With a sharp knife (X-ACTO®, utility or razor), carefully trim the panel to the edge of the glass.

If there is a rubber/neoprene seal around the window, trim the graphic panel so that there is a 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch glass border around the entire image.  This minimizes the chance of the graphic absorbing water that collects in the window edge.

Be careful not to cut into trim or any rubber seal(s) that may be present.

For Sliding Rear Windows, simply trim to the window frames. Graphic material may be left on frames, if desired.



The perforated film can be removed using a thin scraper device. For best results start in one corner, and using the scraper, lift up a small section. You can then use hand force to pull the image from the glass. As with any decal or sticker, the warmer the outside temperature, the easier the removal will be. If any adhesive residue remains on the glass surface it can be cleaned with any quality commercial glass cleaning liquid or citrus-based adhesive remover/cleaner such as Rapid Remover.

Window Graphic Care

Today's finest pressure-sensitive vinyl materials have been used to create your new graphics. The pressure sensitive adhesive bonds very well to the glass when first applied but sets more firmly after a twenty-four (24) hour period. Avoid power car washes for the first week after application.  For best results, treat this surface as you would any other painted surface on your vehicle.  This includes avoiding use of snow scrapers, abrasive cleaners, and rear window wipers, all which will cause premature wear of the image.

Do wash your graphics with plain soap and water or any commercially made car wash soap. Rinse thoroughly.

Do keep high pressure nozzles at least 18 inches from the edge of the graphics. High pressure spray may cause the edge of the graphic to peel.

Do test any cleaning solution on a small section of the decal before using. Be sure to read the solution's directions and warning notices that may apply to Vinyl Graphics.

Don't use any aromatic solvents such as acetone, M.E.K., toluene, paint thinner, or lacquer thinner on your graphics. Any solvent may soften the vinyl material or smear colors.

Don't overcoat the graphics with clear paint (voids manufacturer's warranty).

Don't let gasoline or other fuels drip or stay on graphics for any length of time. If a spill occurs, wipe off and rinse with water immediately.

Don't paint over the graphics.

Don't apply wax over graphics. Wax products generally contain petroleum distillates, which can damage vinyl graphics. The only product we suggest for use on vinyl graphics is Rod & Custom Show Gloss Creme.


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