Our DURACUT line of graphic products consist of the finest premium vinyl facing materials in opaque, metallic, luster and specialty color finishes. In our manufacturing process, we take raw vinyl materials and contour/die cut the design in the color(s) selected. For the most part, DURACUT graphics consist of a one color design. Two or more colors can be achieved by layering color upon color.

The warranty for colorfastness and adhesion ranges between 3-7 years, depending on the material used.

Unique designs, color ranges and patterns are achieved with our DURACOLOR™ Graphics Technology. Utilizing a thermal print process, graphic images and designs are bonded to our 2 mil premium vinyl materials, which really make the graphics stand out!

DURACOLOR™ products are warranted for 3-5 years for colorfastness. For added protection and to increase the life of your graphics we utilize special thermal foils which inherently protect your printed graphics from the harmful affects of the sun's ultraviolet rays as well as exposure to chemicals such as gasoline, diesel fuel, alcohol, car wash soaps, oils and cleaners.


For graphics manufactured through our DURACOLOR™ Solv-Jet process, customers can rest assured with the Oralife Component System (OCS) warranty from Oracal USA which covers specially matched media and laminates thereby providing up to six (6) years of outdoor protection.

As a factory authorized graphic manufacturer, we are proud to offer the OCS warranty for most laminated graphic systems which helps deliver an unrivaled level of performance and guaranteed reliability for your outdoor digital prints.

DURADOME™ graphics and decals add a look of quality that clearly sets you apart from the rest. In our manufacturing process, a thick, yet crystal-clear, polyurethane is poured over each decal forming a "dome" which protects the imprint and gives it a three-dimensional look. The polyurethane is tough but flexible. It is also UV resistant so the decals can be used indoors or out and will not yellow or weather.

The DURADOME™ resin is warranted for up to 10 years for optical clarity.


Unlike other glass and windshield decals, these graphics are made to be installed on the INSIDE of the glass surface - away from the exterior elements and possibility of damage from windshield wipers. Manufactured with our DURAVISION™ dot matrix graphics technology, the decal lets the light in while at the same time creating a unique image that can be viewed from the outside.

DURAVISION™ products are warranted for up to 3 years for colorfastness.


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