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InvisiGARD Paint Protection is a 6 mil (150 micron) non-yellowing urethane film coated with an aggressive removable acrylic adhesive system. This adhesive system is designed to remove without adhesive transfer and/or damage to the applied surface. 


Protection of automotive paint against chipping due to stone and pebbles, bug and environmental damage, and abrasion. Due to the clarity and high gloss finish of this product, InvisiGARD does not alter the aesthetics of the applied surface.










Adhesive thickness:

2.0 mils (0.0020")

0.0508 mm

Substrate Thickness:

6.0 mils (0.0060)

0.1524 mm




Peel Adhesion (PSTC-1):

25.0 oz/inch

16.3 N/2.5 cm




Shear Adhesion (PSTC-7):

Indefinite @ 2.2 psi

Indefinite @ 15.2 kPa




Tensile (PSTC-31):

54 lbs/inch width

244 N/2.5 cm










Maximum continuous use Temperature:




Minimum application Temperature:








Release Liner:

90 lbs/ream

148 GSM


Polycoated bleached kraft


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The information listed is in good faith and has been established from sources believed to be secure and reliable.  The values listed are typical properties and are not intended to be used as specifications for defined applications.  User must determine the product suitability for the end use application and assume all risks and liabilities.
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