Chevrolet SSR Flame Rally Stripe 1 Installation Notes


While our precut kits appear to be "simple" to install, application techniques used in certain areas of the kit prove to make the project go smoother. Please review the notes below that we've compiled to assist in the installation.
By all means, if you do not feel comfortable with the thought of installing the stripes yourself, we suggest contacting a local graphics installer and/or automotive body shop in your area to assist.
In the event a new piece is required, simply let us know the part number (ATD-CHVSSRGRPH1) proceeded by the letter designation of the piece required (i.e., ATD-CHVSSRGRPH1h). We'll provide a cost for the piece and make arrangements to send one out upon receipt of payment.


1)  Please review the general Custom Graphics Installation Instructions to become familiar with the preparation of the finished surfaces and methods of installation.
2)  Cut the graphics apart from the kit sheet. Carefully cut each piece so that approximately 1/8" (.64cm) of the excess backing and application paper is exposed. Pieces with the flames (A, B, K & L) should be left together. DO NOT cut the flames apart.
3)  The stripe kit is set for 4" (10.16cm) spacing at the center of the vehicle. To start with, mark with a grease pencil, fine line tape or other temporary marking device lines/marks with the correct spacing down the center of the vehicle. You will use these marks to place your stripes.
4)  All the pieces are pretty straight-forward as far as installation goes. They all are manufactured with an approximate .0625"-.125" (1.5875mm-3.175mm) margin at each end.
Simply center the stripes in the area and install. We usually install from the center of the stripe and work to each end with the squeegee. This is done by simply peeling approximately 2-4" (5.08cm-10.16cm) of the backing paper from the center, folding each side of the backing paper slightly, and "hinging" the graphic from the center.
When squeegeeing towards the front of the hood on stripes A & B, the graphic may want to wrinkle. This is due to the convex, egg shape, surface of the hood. Tension, by means of pulling the stripe, and firm pressure (very firm) with your squeegee will assist in setting the graphic in these areas.
In the event a new piece is required, don't fret. While it's frustrating that a little piece of vinyl can give us so much grief, just remember that the worst case scenario is the you just have to purchase another one - it's certainly not the end of the world. We suggest swearing a bit and moving on.
Please Note: While vehicle manufacturers make a great effort to be uniform where factory emblems and third brake lights are placed, there may be times in which they are slightly off or askew. Due to the fact that we cannot account for such occurrences, slight trimming around the emblem or escutcheon may be required to balance the amount of outline exposed. Take great care in trimming to not cut into the vehicle's paint. If you are unsure of yourself with trimming, by all means, seek the assistance of a professional.




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Chevrolet SSR Flame Rally Stripes 1 - ATD-CHVSSRGRPH1
Chevrolet SSR Rally Stripes 1 - Solid - ATD-CHVSSRGRPH5

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